Quarta edizione dei Trofei dell’Ascensore 2018: Vimec France Accessibilité vince il premio alla categoria “Miglioramento della vita quotidiana”.

La poltroncina Vimec Dolce Vita, l'unica made in italy nel panorama nazionale, conferma il suo successo e raggiunge le 1.000 installazioni in tutta Italia. A soli 11 mesi dal lancio supera tutti gli obiettivi prefissati da Vimec.

Venerdì, 10 Giugno 2016 16:01

Spare Parts

It is now available on Vimec Academy the new photographic catalogue of spare parts.


The web tool is useful to quickly identify:

The product family

• Elevators/lifts
• Platform stairlifts
• Platform lifts
• Chairlifts
• Mobile stairclimbers

Venerdì, 10 Giugno 2016 15:53



When people think about a house made of wood and stone, really often think about classic mountain house.
This association of ideas itself is not wrong because mountain refers to an image of nature.

In this way, the use of these materials even out of the mountain environment represents a return back to the roots, to a more natural size.

The escape from the urban chaos happens in our own home too.
The “modern man” is looking for new aesthetic and environmental balance and finds them using a modern twist of old materials.

Mercoledì, 08 Giugno 2016 15:12

200 times Dolce Vita!


We are very proud to share with all our dealers the sales success reached after two months since the launch of our Dolce Vita.


200 chairlifts have already been chosen by our customers thanks to:

versatility - it can be installed either on the internal or the external side of stairs, both indoor and outdoor)
elegance - thin double-pipe rail with modern and confortable seat
stability and comfort wide armrests, well built footrest, soft closing seat.

And because made in Italy is highly appreciated!

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