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When people think about a house made of wood and stone, really often think about classic mountain house.
This association of ideas itself is not wrong because mountain refers to an image of nature.

In this way, the use of these materials even out of the mountain environment represents a return back to the roots, to a more natural size.

The escape from the urban chaos happens in our own home too.
The “modern man” is looking for new aesthetic and environmental balance and finds them using a modern twist of old materials.

Nowadays it’s possible to design and build a house using exclusively wood material.

It has a series of remarkable advantages:

• It is earthquake-proof, thanks to its flexibility and lightness.
• It has good fire resistance: it sounds like contradictive but in reality wood burns slowly and takes a long time to lose its bearing capacity
• It is sustainable: if it is picked in a controlled manner, it is renewable and does not end. It reduces pollution and can be recycled. It is also a good thermal insulator.
• It is cheap: the building of wooden houses involves a wide use of prefabricated components, which allows manufacturing cost reduction.

Wood has at the same time some disadvantages:

• The planning of the house is extremely binding and it is difficult to make last minute changes on site or proceed with further adaptations.
• It requires periodical maintenance operations to avoid damages coming from moisture or others deteriorating agents.



Wood and stone are always used in the building structure.
We have seen how wood is not considered nowadays as a ”poor material”, in fact it has become one of the main elements in natural and sustainable architecture.

Even stone has become popular again: thanks to cutting techniques and innovative processing, stone enters today in the modern home.
We can find it in rough shape, on walls or worked and polished as floor and wall or as innovative products for furniture design too.

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